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Graduate Roles at Brandwatch: 4 People Starting Their Careers | Brandwatch


There’s no doubt that Brandwatch is a great place to learn.

I started my first real job here and have developed my skills in multiple areas, including becoming a qualified journalist.

Three years in, I was interested to find out how other new and soon-to-be graduates were settling into their roles at the company.

Here’s what they had to say.

Olivia Phillips, Graduate Java Developer

“From hearing about Brandwatch at the Sussex University Careers fair, as well as coming across their website when job hunting, I decided to apply for an internship in hopes of kicking off the future I wanted my degree to lead to.

“With the company’s size and my shy personality, it wouldn’t have been difficult for me to feel intimidated, however this was minimized due to everyone’s effort to welcome me.

“What surprised me about the interview was how personal it was. I know other companies who just ask generic questions however Brandwatch was different in a way that made me felt they knew me properly and I was sure of what was required in the job. Although I applied to other companies, the job in Brandwatch was the most compelling and their smooth, quick recruitment service resulted in me being hired within a month.”

“It was refreshing to be part of a recruitment process that was so streamline”

“Seeing how relaxed Brandwatch was – people were doing their work on beanbags and helping themselves to snacks – attracted me even more to the position.

“I ensure Brandwatch is constantly connected to the Internet. This is extremely important since we have offices in Singapore, Germany and America and, to work in unison effectively, communication is vital.”

Jon Magbadelo, Java Developer Intern


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