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Feature Friday: Your Hyrell Careers Page


Our Feature Friday blog series has been full of tips and best practices to help you use Hyrell successfully, from general application functionality to enhancements to the overall Hyrell system. Hyrell also understands the importance of customizing your Online Hiring Center – you need your online careers page to meet your unique needs as a business, and serve as an extension of your current Web page. Today’s Feature Friday, we discuss the benefits of your company’s job feed within your very own online Hyrell Careers Page.

As a hiring manager, HR specialist, or simply a small business owner who handles your company’s recruiting, dealing with job seekers and potential applicants can feel like a hard fought battle where you are under fire from all sides. In the worst of situations, you have applicants interrupting your busy day with phone calls, emails, and unannounced office visits all asking the same questions: “Are you currently hiring?” “Where can I find an application?” “How can I work for you?”

With Hyrell, establishing some much needed personal space between you and your applicant pool is a built-in feature of our Online Hiring System. Each Hyrell site comes with its own personal Careers Page that has a complete list of all of your open positions – including job overviews, required skills, qualifications, and benefits. Your Careers Page is also branded to match the look and feel of your company, allowing you to use it as an extension of your own website. You can even directly link your Careers Page with your website for one seamless extension that directs all of your applicants to one convenient location.

Your Hyrell Careers Page can also be used as an avenue to showcase your company’s strengths to potential applicants. You can include a comprehensive company description, location map, and links to all of your social media sites to highlight the best attributes of your business – which ultimately allows you to attract higher quality candidates.

With your Hyrell Careers Page, you can attract job seekers and receive applications through one convenient job portal. This centralized and streamlined approach gives you the ability to focus on hiring the right applicants and growing your business. Check out our Getting Started Guide to learn more about how you can build your Online Hiring Center and successful brand your Hyrell Careers Page.




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