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3 Lessons to Inspire Middle and High School Students to Plan Their Careers – OzoBlog


With and setting intentions for the future fresh on the mind, January is a great time for middle and high schoolers to begin formulating goals for a career that suits their unique interests, skill sets, and passions. is important for setting short and long-term goals that will help students transition smoothly into a fulfilling occupation.

Evo and Bit have been on a career planning kick of their own! They reflected on their skills and interests. As it turns out, their skills and interests are very… robotic. They both really want to help humans, are great at taking instructions, and don’t mind doing the same thing over and over. Have your students help Evo and Bit sample a few different jobs on their Career Planning journey, and inspire them to start planning for their own futures.

Grades 7–12
Since Evo really, really looks up to Roomba, help it try out a job as a robotic vacuum! This lesson leads students as they study, run, and modify an OzoBlockly program that transforms Evo into a robotic vacuum cleaner. This Evo-only lesson brought to you by Featured Educator , is aligned with various Computer Science standards.

Grades 7-12
Warehouses and fulfillment centers are a great example of how robots are used to make our everyday lives more efficient. For this lesson, students will run an OzoBlockly program to make Evo or Bit traverse a warehouse floor and stop to “pick” items from shelves.

Grades 9-12
Evo and Bit may not eat burgers, but they suspect they may love making them. Get your students in on the fun with a lesson that prompts them to create a layout of a hamburger production line, and see how your bots do!

Please share your Ozobot lessons and creations with us on social media. Just tag us @Ozobot and use #OzoSquad, and check out the for more fun activities and coding challenges for everyone. We can’t wait to see how Evo and Bit like the careers you help them sample!


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