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Posh Spice’s Whole Career Was Basically A Lie


If you don’t think that Victoria Beckham is a legend, then you should probably go educate yourself. She was the betchiest member of an all-girl pop group, married certified DILF David Beckham, has a genetically #blessed family, and started a second career in fashion. Meanwhile, my greatest accomplishment is waking up on time for work on July 5th.

Well it turns out that basically Posh Spice lip synced her entire career, which means she launched her career as a singer but never actually sang. That’d be like if Gigi Hadid had never been in a fashion show or if Mark Zuckerberg didn’t know how to code or if Kim Kardashian had never hooked up with Ray J.

Last week Posh admitted in an interview that during concertsTo quote Hillary Duff, “sing to me, Paolo.”

I kind of feel betrayed, because my childhood idol based her career on a lie. But I’m also impressed. Basically, she was just eye-candy. And there is nothing betchier than not doing any work because you’re hot.

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