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Only $35 stands in between you and a new career as a VR developer


Image: Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

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As our regular reality has gotten weirder and weirder, virtual reality has become more and more interesting. Whether you’re using one of the dedicated headsets like Oculus or a less invasive alternative like Google Cardboard, VR is having a moment. And with good reason: it’s never been cheaper or easier to join the VR bandwagon and there are finally some interesting use cases. 

Join the VR movement for yourself with The Complete VR Development Bundle, a set of online courses 

This collection of five courses hopes to teach you how to become a well-paid VR developer. You’ll learn how to use Unity to design a VR video game, create VR websites with A-Frame, and even create VR experiences with 360-degree photos and 360-degree videos. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a complete novice, this bundle might very well transform you into a VR superstar.

The Complete VR Development Bundle normally costs $377, but you can get it for just $34, a savings of 90%.

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