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5 Major Astrological Events of 2019 You Need To Mark In Your Calendar



As the world is still adjusting from the many astrological changes of 2018, the following financial year is bringing major events starting the very first week of 2019! The following five events are eclipses, both lunar and solar, and you want to be sure to experience them.

Spiritual Meaning of Eclipses

Eclipses Solar Eclipse

Eclipses happen when the sunlight or the moon align with Earth in a way that the shadow blocks their light either partially or completely. This happens for simply a short period of time, yet the effect of such alignment can last for weeks. The energy before and after an eclipse is different, and you will likely feel it depending on how sensitive your are to energy shifts.

In spirituality, eclipses mark necessary life changes and often trigger transformational events. This can happen in your personal life and/ or on a world scale. In your personal life you may feel the recommend to make decisions that will bring you closer to your mission and higher purpose.

A lunar eclipse brings new potentials and opportunities. It has a cleansing energy helping you purify your life and release old traumas. The lunar eclipse is very much about doing the inner work.

A solar eclipse opens up your eyes to the truth about you life. It is not about that old, stagnant energy. It is about wisdom from the past and positive change for the future. Restrictions merely exist in your own mind.

During an eclipse, it is necessary to stay present and mindful about what needs to go, what needs to change, and what needs to stay in your life, but also transformed to a new level. Dream big, because that is the only way to truly bringing the abundance you are looking for and deserve.

1. January 6: Partial Solar Eclipse

The new year begins with a partial solar eclipse during its first week, but to see it, you would have to be okay with -3 3C( or -2 8F) and going to see central Siberia. However, even if you cannot see it, you will likely feel it.

Under the sign of the Goat in Chinese astrology, this eclipse will offer you the opportunity to jump start your professional career into the new year. You may find that you want to take more of a leadership role at your work or start your own business.

Eclipses Lunar Eclipse

2. January 20- 21: Total Lunar Eclipse

It’s been about three years since the total lunar eclipse was seen in North America, and the one this January will please everyone as it will be visible for 3.5 hours. The period of totality will last 63 minutes.

You may feel impulsive at this time, but channeling this energy in the right direction can be a start of new creative projects and working on practical personal growth like acquiring new skills.

3. July 2: Total Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse pass every 2 to 4 years, and some true eclipse fanatics will travel far to see them. The one in July 2019 will be visible in parts of Chile and Argentina.

Energy-wise this eclipse marks a time of no turning back and operating to the ” safe ” past. Things are likely to change or transform in different areas of your life, and the most important task right now is to keep letting run of any emotions that keep you tied to it.

4. July 16: Partial Lunar Eclipse

A partial lunar eclipse in July will not be visible in North America; its track will go through Europe, Africa, Australia, and Southern Asia. However wherever you are, there are still reasons to set it on your calendar.

This partial lunar eclipse will question your understanding of control. Are you trying to control your whole life or others? Do you have an unresolved issue with authority? The energy of this eclipse will construct you consider letting go of control and letting the universe guide you more while attaining more intuitive decisions and choices.

Eclipses Annular Solar Eclipse5. December 26: Annular Solar Eclipse

An Annular solar eclipse is when the moon covers the sun’s centre, attaining the sun look like a ring of fire. The one in December 2019 will be visible in parts of Saudi Peninsula, southern India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

The last eclipse of 2019 will wrap up the year with new opportunities for self-reflection on the needed alter( s) in your personal life. This will attain you even closer to your mission than ever. All of this in preparation for 2020, which many predict is going to be a globally life-changing year. 2019 provides the perfect energetic transformations to get ready.

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